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Ultimate Leitrim Experience

Ultimate Leitrim Experience

We are on the hunt for the ultimate Leitrim Experience! Here’s one to consider. Let us know what you consider to be the ultimate Leitrim Experience!!

Boxty is a traditional Irish potato pancake which originated in the west of Ireland in the 1800’s.

This dish is based on Ireland’s favourite staple food, the potato. While there are many variations of Boxty, Dromod Boxty’s thick pan is arguably the best.

Dromod Boxty first started producing it’s homemade boxty in 1990. The demand of its popularity has increased ever since.

Dromod Boxty constantly strives to maintain exceptionally high standards in the preparation, production and manufacturing of its products, insisting on using 100 per cent natural potatoes of the highest quality.

Boxty is an excellent everyday food for families due to its versatility. You can try it grilled, toasted, pan fried or on its own or with beans, eggs, rasher, sausages etc.

Dromod Boxty gets our nomination as the ultimate Leitrim Experience. Let us know yours!!!

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