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Poems From My Heart and Soul

Poems From My Heart and Soul

Leitrim native and poet Carol Ann Farrelly has launched her frst book of poetry entitled: “Poems From My Heart and Soul”.

Carol Ann enjoys being creative in life, from writing, dancing, theatre and singing, to playing piano and other instruments and facilitating workshops.

She’s interested in most things in the creative / healing arts world really! She has a strong belief in the healing power of the creative arts!

She also has a passion for travel, nature, being active, and exploring the different places and people this life has to offer.

Creativity has been a form of prayer and way to connect with God the divine force, for her. She had a dream one time, where she had found hidden treasure and it was up to her to make something out of it for others, this poetry book she hopes is one of those creations or at least a journal of her journey towards wanting to make something out of the treasures she feels she has found.

Colour Edition also available.

Worldwide delivery within 14-21 days.

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