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The lake is located about 500 metres outside the village of Keshcarrigan on the Mohill Road, with ample parking and a great stock of fish.

Expect lively sport all year round with lots of roach averaging six ounces, hybrids often hitting the 2lbs mark and ever-present perch on almost any angling method.

Early in 2012 the fishing stands along the waterfront to the right of the car park were reopened after many years and the lake is quickly regaining its popularity as keen anglers come in search of a good catch.

Once used as a match venue, the stands furthest from the car park, did produce large catches of bream to 5lbs, though it was often necessary to fish at long range – up to 80mts – with a groundbait feeder.

These days the lake is alive with a mix of fish and it is easy enough to end a pleasure session with 20 to 30lbs on rod, pole or feeder.