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Derrycarne Wood near Dromod is the perfect spot for a post COVID-19 walk along the shore of Lough Boderg while enjoying super views of passing cruisers on the River Shannon, according to #CianGuckian who sent us this super photo.

The lands were owned by the Nesbitt family fom the early 1800s and were subsequently acquired by Edward Willis and William Ormsby Gore MP. The lands around Derrycarne were sold to the Irish Land Commission in 1924.

However, there is very little physical evidence left of these times, Derrycarne House having been demolished in the 195’s but it should definitely be on your to visit list.

All of Coillte’s forests in Leitrim and across the country are open to the public for walking. Coillte has an open forest policy and welcomes all walkers to visit according to the leave no trace principles.