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Keeldra Lake Trail

Keeldra Lake Trail

Keeldra Lake Trail starts at the car park adjacent to the lake and proceeds along the edge of the lake bordered on one side by green fields and on the other side, by the constant ebb and flow of the lake.

The lake trail is a quiete, tranquil walk, where the walker can take time out to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.

The trail wraps around the lake to the Bog Field at the southern end of the lake. The trail then goes uphill to a vantage point where the view back over the lake is breath taking.

From here the full expanse of the lake is in view, with its beautiful shoreline botrdered by a diversity of trees and shrubs with an array of colours from wild flowers, reflecting in the water.

From here the Bog Pass leads uphill on to a quite local road, before returning to the lake shore and back to the car park.

A big shout out to #Lisa Mc Gowan for sending us in these super photos.




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