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Jamestown Quay

Jamestown Quay

Jamestown Quay is a pleasant mooring spot. There are not too many boats since the bridge marks the end of the navigable part of the Shannon, writes Martin Branagan.

Jamestown Quay, Jamestown, Co.Leitrim

The Shannon loop between Jamestown and Drumsna has lots of shallows. It can only be explored by Dinghy. Cruiser traffic has to go through the Jamestown Canal.

Between Jamestown and Drumsna the Shannon forms a loop towards the north. It marks the boundary between Co. Leitrim and Co. Roscommon. When you come from Jamestown (Co. Leitrim) and cross the bridge, you find yourself in Co. Roscommon.

After about 1km, you go over the Drumsna Bridge which brings you into Co. Leitrim again. The N4 used to run over Jamestown Bridge and through the village until the by-pass was built in 1996.

Martin Branagan is a co-founder of and is passionate about promoting Leitrim as a tourist destination. Under the LoveLeitrim banner, Martin is touring the county in search of its hidden gems.

A Dubliner by birth and Leitrim resident by choice, Martin can be contacted on +353 (0)86 173 8417 for all advertising queries.


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