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Gulladoo Lough

Gulladoo Lough

Gulladoo Lough is on #LisaShislowski’s “must visit” list after the COVID-19 crises passes. The south Florida resident has roots in the Carrigallen area, and can’t wait to visit the area on her next trip to Ireland.

For the anglers out there, Gulladoo Lough is a medium sized lake and is located 4kms south east of Carrigallen on the R203.

This lake contains good stocks of medium sized pike up to 10lbs but larger pike in excess of 20lbs are recorded annually.

This is a long narrow lake with extensive marginal vegetation on the western shores. The eastern shoreline is generally open and provides for comfortable bank fishing. The upper lake is generally shallow but has depths to 8m.

The lower lake has similar depths with an area of deeper water being located off the “steps”.

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